Piano Melody

Piano Game – Learn to Play Your Favorite Songs on the Piano

Do you like playing the piano? Want to learn how to play the right musical notes of your favorite songs on the piano? If yes, then you should give this piano game a try. Piano Melody is a fun game in which you get to learn to play classics as well as your favorite songs on a piano in the right musical order. It lets you see and hear the musical notes of the songs you like and then repeat them by hitting the right keys. You can choose the song melodies that you want to practice from a comprehensive collection. The piano you will be practicing on is customizable and you can increase or decrease the size of its keys depending on your device.
Piano Melody
Piano Melody has smooth gameplay and nice graphics. The keys of the piano are very distinct while the musical notes written on them are easy to read. Moreover, the animations are also vivid making it easier for people to notice which keys are highlighted when a note is played. The sound effects are authentic as well and you will clearly hear the correct note each time a key is pressed. You will only get to see a portion of the piano’s keyboard on the screen due to its large size. This is done so the keys are bigger and easier to read for everyone. However, since the piano is customizable, you can change it size. Do keep in mind that a smaller piano will fit completely within your screen but its keys will be harder to read.
Piano Melody
This piano game offers a large collection of songs to you. These songs can be found in various categories. You can pick a category you like and then select the song you want to practice on the piano. After choosing the song, you first need to take a listen to its melody. While listening to the melody, you should pay close attention to the notes being highlighted one after the other on the piano. Depending on the complexity and the length of the song, the number of notes can vary from song to song. Since memorizing all the notes of a song can be difficult all at once, you can divide the song’s melody into shorter stints. This will allow you to learn the order of the notes bit-by-bit.
Piano Melody
Piano Melody lets you check if you are playing the right notes after learning every stint. There is a checking tool available for this purpose in this piano game. You can access it by clicking the tick mark icon located above the piano. If the window that appears on the screen is red, it means you didn’t play the right notes. However, if the window is green, then it means that the correct notes have been played. You can practice with increasingly higher number of notes in each stint. The more notes you play correctly, the more stars you will be able to win for a song.


  • Large piano to practice on
  • Various categories of songs available
  • Play melody of the songs on the piano
  • See the notes being played in the right order
  • Option to learn musical notes in short stints
  • Check to see if you played the right notes
  • Customize the piano as per your preference
  • Earn stars for memorizing the notes of songs


Piano Melody is a game for people who love playing the piano but don’t have access to a real piano. It provides you melodies of various songs that you can practice on the piano by pressing the right keys in the right order. You will enjoy memorizing the correct musical notes of popular songs in this piano game.

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